Kami rose eagles

Has anyone here been privlaged enough to have a sneak peek at her face?? I’m soooo curious!!


Are you taking Linda Hill’s class?

I don’t think I’m allowed to share, but I can tell you she looks a little like Evangeline to me.


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That class is expensive… I about popped my pants! I thought $230 was expensive but good grief lol

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Me either, although Little Chicks did an amazing job with Aurora Sky. The other versions, I’m not fond of. I can’t figure out what she did differently with the eyes.

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Lilia Zims says she looks like a peaceful sleeper!

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Agreed. The stars really aligned for me to get to do this with Linda. For one thing, she and I are sharing a room to cut costs. I will fly standby, and will be spending no money for the rest of the year :slight_smile: worth it though.


That is so awesome! Hope you enjoy your class!!


I think next year we should pile as many of us in a room as we can. More money for dolly stuff that way. We’ll probably get no sleep, but would be fun!

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A big hen party! Yep would be a blast lol