I have a question about the doll kit kadence. Have any of you used a full leg body for her??? I bought the full leg body that bountiful baby suggested and I think she looks strange and way to short legged. I don’t want to buy a new body for her and waste the body I already have. If anyone has done her please let me know which body you used. I would love to see pictures if you have any showing how she looks assembled.


I also put her in a front leg body & didn’t like the way her legs hung so I got a new body with jointed legs and it is FAR SUPERIOR fit! It’s worth making the change for a few dollars and you can always find another doll to fit the front leg version body.

Thank you, You are right… I’m just going to have to order another body. I might try my hand at making the body. I have been very disappointed with the bodies i have been purchasing.

Christina, if you have photobucket, just edit to resize the photo - 800x600 will get the largest photo. If your photo is landscape oriented, just do 600x800 and you’ll be able to post.

Baby is gorgeous. I am so glad you figured out how to post them!

That’s really cute. I don’t mind how the legs look in that body. It seems to suit her.

I know that body style might make the baby wear a size smaller clothes but it also lets you use diapers or bloomers without the stupid leg bumps. I just wish more artists did long arms and legs instead of the 3/4 ones. I hate the bumps!