Just received Steven silicone

I finally received it today (with no customs fees, hourra!)
I can’t say I like it. I mean, silicone is a nice color, no defect, very detailed and such, but my god it’s so…soft. Giggles and all. I don’t understand why everyone prefer very soft squishy silicone like that, it’s sooo unrealistic to me ! I have Juno in ecoflex30 and it’s just right, just he correct stiffness to look real. Babies have bones and muscles!
I will obviously not keep him but it will be hard to hold while painting :sweat_smile:
No offense to all who love it but it’s certainly not my taste.


  • And what I am supposed to do with the calender they sent me, I have 3 already and we are in May…I am supposed to collect them ?

Lol my mom has given the calendars to her co workers :heart: Steven’s silicone seems firmer to me than the other sticky silicone I’m used to :heart:

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I never understood the super floppy stuff either, haha. Silicones are interesting, but I’m pretty sure I prefer vinyl. Both for painting and for keeping.


Would armature in the silicones help?

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Unless you put it in fingers, probably not. It’s a partial kit so I would be afraid the armature would poke trough. Nah, I just dislike it.

I am not a fan of the super jiggly silicone either. Many others are too. I like mine softer than Ecoflex 30 though. I had Kristin pour my Benny with a little less slacker than she normally uses so he would be softer but not marshmellow soft.

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I have not seen a lot of silicone but so far I have touch ecoflex30 and ecoflex20 without slacker. Both are similar, the 30 is my favorite, but I don’t know if they have put slackers in the realborns ? I imagine the marshmallow silicone is even softer than them ? If so holding one should feel like holding jelly…

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It’s very hard to get fine details with silicone paint. I too find the vinyl reborns more realistic.

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