Just ordered charlotte ..a second

im excited .Got on BB and see Charoltte and they even had seconds so shes on the way!!
Now ive got to STAY OFF BB …can not afford anything else this month!! Ordered 3 times already Eyes closed to BB. uhhuh… you know how that goes.


I know exactly what you mean…when they took away our flat rate shipping I sort of breathed a sigh of relief because I ordered more kits in the few weeks they ran it than I ordered in a 6 - 10 month period before…then…oh heavens…flat rate shipping came up again…and new kits too…well I had to order 2 Naomi, 2 Charlotte and a Daisy didn’t I? big sigh! I do love the flat rate shipping but it sure does get me into trouble. :smile:


I ordered her, too! I have spent way too much money, and cannot look at any more dolls, clothes, or accessories for a long, long time.


I’m trying to keep a few bucks back for when Owen comes out. :confounded:

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I ordered her too- a seconds. I’ve been watching and waiting patiently :wink: and could not help myself. My husband is going to take my phone, laptop and iPad away if I’m not careful.


Right there with you! I think we placed the same orders. :wink:

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I tried to restain myself …for about 2 minutes!!
Well 1 but whos counting .
ok ok. 30 seconds