Just no... (revisiting silly emails again)

So I get (as many of you do) a lot of interesting emails in regards to babies. The interesting thing is that I usually sell babies to people who ask very few if any questions at all, if they do it is mostly making sure I ship so the baby arrives on a Saturday or day off and they can wait for delivery and not worry.

I am grateful people ask questions, they should, and it also means my baby has there attention and that is good but…


I will not ship it someplace else not listed on your Paypal account.

I will not take 200 dollars for a 600 dollar baby.

I will not do another photoshoot in different clothes, no clothes, different angels, different color eyes.

I will not change the eyes.

I will not give it to your free.

I will not make another one just like that one but with…

I will not hold it until your boyfriend gets out of jail.

You can not come to my house or studio.

I will not send it to you on “trial” to see if you can bond with it.

I will not send it to you on trial to see if your daughter bonds with it.

I will not chat with you about baby genitalia (creepy).

I can not make this doll in silicone so you can give it a bath.

I can not make this baby a little darker , it is already painted, sealed, rooted and done.

I can not make it eat and poop.

I am sad that it looks like the child you lost but that isn’t a reason for me to send it to you for free, I am a grieving mama too and free stuff doesn’t make that go away but hard work, good friends, goals, love, and memories help me live with loss.

I can not send this baby to your country even if you are and most especially if you are going to send me a cashiers check 10K USD into my account, I can keep two thousand and return the rest with the baby.

being grateful and frustrated such a fragile line today.


This type of random weird and just wow is the reason I chose to keep reborning as a hobby.
Just rehoming a few to downsize my collection due to moving has been stressful enough. I do not have the health or willingness to deal with such ridiculous emails and messages.
For those of you who deal with this I wish you didnt have to.


Time wasters are such a pain! My favorite: “Can you send a real baby through the mail”???


Time wasters and lunatics, I ignore them


I ignore them too. I hate stupid questions. My favorite of the above is…
Can you hold him until my boyfriend gets out of jail?
I’m guessing they would have bigger fish to fry than buying a doll! :joy::joy::joy:


Everybody that writes me crazy notes has bigger fish to fry but they want the doll anyway! What is wrong with people? I just block them when they start whining about all their problems the reborn is going to make better. None of my babies are going to be put in a position of such responsibility!


I don’t get a lot of crazy requests because my first response is usually, “doll listed here. You press the yellow button to order when ready.” Most of my buyers actually don’t ask many questions. If I get off the wall stuff, I either ignore it or tell them to look for @Gabriell on reborns.com


But can you give it a heartbeat and make it breathe? And I really want it but I don’t get paid til the 21st. So can you hold it and I’ll put down a $10 deposit on the 21st. Okay?

Or…will you take a trade?



Tell them to look for Gabriell. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I am glad someone knew I was joking, LOL. I do seriously tell them to go to Reborns and see if there isn’t something that fits their budget/wish list/pipe dream there.


I think we all know you’re joking. But that’s too funny. :rofl:


LOL…tell them to look for Gabriel…! Not sure she’d be real happy about that, but if anyone could set them straight it would be her!


It’s true! The doll looked like what she imagined a baby they had together would look like.

I guess he is the one that has the money and she can only get to it when he gets out of jail but she needs the baby now so she can have something to hold onto while she waits for him. She PROMISES on her mother that she will pay me the day he gets out!


Thanks! :grin:


I would not hold my breathe. Ask her what he is in jail for… make decision based on the offense. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hahahah omg too much!! Some people I’ll tell ya!!