Just got this little one done

wont do a blonde baby again rooting hair one by one thought i was going blind lol


I love the blondies!


Adorable and the blonde hair is perfect for this baby. :slight_smile:

I agree. But I LOVE the blondes. Actually the bald ones are my favorites, but the ones with hair seem to sell better.

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Awwww! Lovely fair coloring with the blond hair

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thank you all its just so hard on the eyes rooting this color :slight_smile:

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He is a cutie!

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Great job!

Such a sweet baby…!

So you suffer a little blindness for the sake of beauty lol. You did an awesome job on this little one

The down side of blonde hair is it’s so hard to see while rooting. The up side is any plugs you miss don’t show. :wink:

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:grinning: thank you lol


Very pretty…I love the hair too!!!