Just got in the new kits

Just got my Raine, Bella, Ryan and Dumplin kits in. I am so excited!!! They are so cute!!!

Way to go! Does anyone know off hand when Kate will be released? I’m holding out for her.

Check with ajhunter on ebay that is how I got mine already!

She sales for BB if you go to her beautiful baby reborn supply store she has them!!! here is her store!! go to kits - reborn doll second page


I see the new kits that haven’t been released yet. They are higher on ebay than they will be offered here, but I’ll tell you, if I had the cash now, I’d buy the kit I want right now and pay the extra! I simply must think of a way to make money to buy more kits! Waiting is painful lol

Natalie I will keep my eyes open if I find out anything I will let you know! Joy what kit are you waiting on?