Just for giggles

Just to break things up a bit… I’m sure we are all dealing with different struggles during this time. Sooooo tell me your funny reborn moments let’s take our minds off of the worries…share a picture or a story. Turning heads in the none reborn community!!

I’m taking my car in for a service for a recall notice today. While at the dealership I will be popping Miya’s head off and doing some more rooting touchups. Of course to the none reborn community this will most likely turn a few heads. I also thought about leaving a doll in the car…but could I cause that much trouble lol???


Someone may bust your window or call police. Lol but seriously

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I say go for rooting. If anything it’s a good conversation starter.

I like when people come over and see doll pieces everywhere. I’ve had a blank Leif kit on my kitchen table laid on a towel with his body for like a week now. Just chillin. My dad is visiting and he came in to see the dogs before we left yesterday and he walks in, stops short, stares at Leif for a few seconds, and goes “You running a chop shop for babies now?” :joy:


Lmao!! I love it

I read that has happened to people. Will leave the door unlocked…just kidding



I have several funny stories !
I was shopping for clothes for on of my reborn. I was holding him under my arm to have both hands free…the faces of the other customers !

I was grocery shopping with my daughter and a reborn. She was in one of those car cart for kids, he doll beside her. While scanning my items, the cashier took a look at the cart and seem preoccupied but remains silent. I can tell she was upset, but I didn’t know why. Than the (wrapper ?) Look upset too. They exange strange looks. I realise it was because the doll have fall on the floor of the cart ! When I tell my daughter to take her DOLL from the floor, I saw the relief on their faces !

When my house was for sale we have a lot of visitors. My Elora was in the basement on a high chair. One of the man told his wife that I was such a bad mother to let my baby alone there…his wife had to tell him it was just a doll !


The funniest thing that’s ever happened to me is when I needed shoes for a toddler doll, went into the store, whipped the leg out of my purse and saw the lady almost pass out on the spot :grin:

Another time, I answered the door with a head in my hand, explaining very quickly that I’m painting babies…I mean DOLLS.

Tomorrow I’m taking Emmy for a wig trim. She’s a big girl! I’ve already told my stylist to prepare herself. I’m planning to take pictures.


I made a baby for my 2 sisters and sister inlaw. The one sister had her grands over for the day and when dropping them home one of them had brought the baby. A quick stop at the store on way back home, her and her husband went into store with doll laying on seat of car. Fast forward a few mins the police was there and cops had been called. Her husband came out and ask what’s going on had to get the doll out and show them it was infact just a doll. This was sometime in 2010 I think


This is going back years ago when doing the doll show IRDA. I had my dolls in the suitcases and while passing through the machine they thought I had dead babies in my suitcases. I was pulled aside and they made me opened the suitcases and when they saw the reborns they called security. My husband could not believe what was happening and I had to explain that they were dolls and they didn’t believe me until I took one out and made them touch the dolls. It was scary at the time but funny afterwards LOL.


I put a pacemaker caution on the table when I sell at doll shows. At the first doll show I did, a woman came around the corner, saw my babies, moved about 6 feet away and said ‘Those are creepy!’ Then she moved down a little, saw the sign and said ‘…and they can kill you, too!’ I had a hard time keeping a straight face.


Oh my goodness I would have been unable to hold that in!


Selling at a local (then lol) flea market a few years back, a older lady called the police because she thought I was selling actual living children. She never came up to the table, just stayed about 20 feet away staring. Once the police showed up and came over and seen it was literally dolls, they left, no big deal then the older lady came over to apologise but said noone in their right mind would have felt otherwise. Like come on, hundreds of peoole had walked by if it was live babies someone would have said something lol