Just finished Quinn

Im happy with how he turned out. He looks so much like one of my Grandsons when he was born.


So cute!

What a cutie pie!

Those legs are amazing!

Love the job you did on the legs.

Thank you :blush:

Thank you :blush:

I love the veining on the legs!

Thank you, the veining is one of my favorite things to do :blush:

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Turned out beautiful :star_struck:

He looks just like a real newborn how wonderful.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback because im still new to reborning, 5 months.


Yay :smiley: that was my goal…I used my grandson newborn pic for inspiration

I love his skin tone!

So cute! :heart:

Thank you :blush:

Beautiful Babe!!! He looks so real and his skin is so lifelike. :heart_eyes:

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