Just delivered!

I heard the mail truck and saw on my security camera that he left a package!! I bought Realborn Aspen while she was on sale!! She is so little and adorable!! I am looking forward to painting her. And since she is a preemie im gonna be giving her a nice strawberries and cream complexion because apparently thats the only skin tone im good at…lol…and i love all her sweet wrinkles :smiley: :heart::heart::heart:


I only purchased the limbs but I love them, Yes, the wrinkles!. I have a Miya practice head. I think they will go together nicely.

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I also love Aspens tiny smirk…just too precious!!

Aww!!! I LOVE preemie babies! They are so sweet I love to hold the little head in my hand :slight_smile: and so fun to root because they are done quickly so instant gratification! Can’t wait to see your Aspen!

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It will take me a little while to start her cuz im still working on Kenzie…i still need to do all her creases on her limbs and torso but her head is almost ready for rooting. I think once i lose my patience with rooting her head i will start working on Aspen. Sucks working a full time job cuz it means i hardly have the energy to work on my babies. But i will most definitely post wip pics once i do start her :smiley:

Aspen is high on my wish list! Just got in Landon today and he is a big boy.

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