Just a thought

I was just thinking…If Oxy10 works with the hot sun to fade spots, would it work faster with a hair dryer?

Good question. I am following.

I tried it under a lamp… it still took days. Tried it in the sun and I still have a small dark spot I’ll take pics tomorrow

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Those are some serious blue spots.

I have no idea how they got there. They weren’t there when I put the kit in the bag into the tub :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have a doll I purchased a couple of years ago from an artist. The artist does beautiful work. I have the doll in a bassinet. I picked him up the other day and he had a blue spot that came through the paint. I know this is not an issue with the artist’s work. I am not going to try and fix it because the artist did a beautiful job. I am not a picky customer because things happen.

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Do you think it’s something in the vinyl that isn’t visible at first?

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It could be but I don’t have enough experience with painting reborns and the vinyl to know.

Wow that is crazy! You make me want to go open and double check all my kits. If the oxy doesn’t work try the acne cream.

Oxy10 is acne cream.

How those blue spots happen?

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I have no idea. I got him from someone here. Washed him. Put him in his bag and put his bag in the tote. When I opened the tote those spots were there. There was nothing in or on the bag. They were in a ziplock so should have been protected from anything outside the bag :woman_shrugging:t2:

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