July swap ladies ... please look!

Hi I need to know who has recevied there swap baby and who has not … Everyone should have received them other then Robin her’s was lost in mail … Please let me know ASAP thanks

I got my baby

As u know I’m still waiting on mine

I am sorry you haven’t recieved it yet. How are you?

Last night i spent the night in the hospital on iv antibiotics i developed an infection from my surgery site.and still waiting on test results. And thank u deb

You are in my prayers. Keep me updated.

I well deb

I received mine.

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totally unrelated - but Night Owl Nursery is one of my favorite nursery names - and love the logo.

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Awww, thanks! I picked it because I really do stay up all night! LOL. The logo was made by Karen Valtin of Blue Fairy Babies.

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Hi Brenda, I hope she gets her swap baby. Did she track it?

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Hi she said she did waiting on tracking # from her …