Joseph on sale now

joseph on sale 29.99 I bought 2


I bought him :grin: And Harper and Maddox and Maggie Uhmmmm bountiful baby why do you have all the kits I want on sale at the same time lol forces me to buy them all lol


I was just coming here to post this. You beat me to it. :slight_smile:

awesome! I grabbed another one and a body. Cant wait for the twins!

Aww man I just brought Joseph full price I wish I would’ve waited I could’ve got 2

the sale on reborn joseph went off fast

Yea now he’s only like 4 pennies off the regular price…,

The sale page seems to have a glitch at the moment so watch the prices guys :slight_smile:

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I hate I missed Joseph and Harper. It must have changed really fast.

Yes, BB is rotating the sales like every hour. Just keep checking because I notice alot of the kits go on sale, go off sale, and back on again within those hours.

I think it’s a glitch. Some kits are showing up regular price on the home page. Earlier, Samantha was on there twice.

Not looking! :see_no_evil:

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