Joseph is back in stock!

I just ordered mine… So excited to reborn this little chubster!

For those who have already painted him, what size clothing fits him best?

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I have my belly at last thanks :smile:


You’re very welcome!

I thought someone said size 12 months. Don’t quote me though because I haven t reborned him myself. :wink:

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It uses 9 months, I have not painted it but I gathered it and dressed it.

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I bought one and Darren. I just caved again :rofl: And they weren’t on sale which I hardly ever pay full price but I just couldn’t resist.

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9 months in Carters and most brands. I’d stick with that size or 9-12 mon.

Gymboree brand runs small. I recommend 9-12 clothing

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Thanks for the heads up! I just bought mine! After seeing how fast he was selling today I knew I couldn’t miss this cutie again!

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

I come back and it’s like Christmas around here!!! Sales, new kits, restocked kits, box headed my way! :slight_smile:
I want him so bad, but should probably sell some more kits to refill my dolly dollar fund… I have tons to trade if anyone feels like getting an extra :wink:

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I ordered the belly plate! I feel so bad for the artist that I have painting my Joseph.

I did want Joseph with the belly plate initially and after he sold out, I saw she had the kit up to purchase (she had the kit delivered to her already and was selling the kit + painting+rooting, etc…for customs).

She was not able to get the belly plate though before it sold out.

Well fast forward…I got the message a couple days ago that my 3 mo Joseph was finished and he is so adorable! I was about to make the final payment so she can ship this Saturday, then the belly plate came in stock today. I initially said it wasn’t a big deal, especially since she had no more paint leftover and the doll was done.

I wanted mine with the plate so bad so I asked her can she paint the plate. She agreed but stated that it may not match, but she can try her best. I don’t know whether she was busy or not really enthused about it but I do feel guilty. I reassured her that I understand about the mixing of paints and all she can do is try her best.

I guess I feel guilty because the doll was done, it was about to get shipped, she was about to get paid, now this belly plate comes and it will delay the doll more because BB has to ship it to me, then me to her. Either way she is a wonderful artist and awesome to work with and the doll looks beautiful.

I just may not post current pics of the doll yet since she has not shared it on her social media yet or website, out of respect for her. She may want to share it with the world when it is ready to really ship out to me.

If you were about to pay her for the finished doll, what changes with the addition of the belly plate? Pay her for the work she has completed and then make the belly plate a separate order.

She’s probably reluctant because it’s extremely hard to match the paint when it’s all custom mixed.


Nothing changes except for the shipment date of the baby.

Update: She was just very busy at the time, rushing to an appointment, but she said she has no issue trying her best to match it. Assured me that I was not being a pest.

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Only 25 left!

So question where do you find the amount of kits left ? I have never seen that unless they didn’t have enough to let me order more than one .

We added 3 Month Joseph to the website when our inspectors were only part way done inspecting him, as people have been pretty excited for his restock. We hope to add the rest to the website by tomorrow. Though more will be added soon, we still anticipate that we will sell out on 3 Month Joseph again. We already sold more than half of his stock since yesterday.