Jorja pigott kits

Has anyone reborned any of her kits. I really want to and just wanted to see if any of you have pictures to share. I wanted Hylia but may purchase Camilo when he comes out.

I’ve done 3 Tomas Pigott kits and am more than ready to list the “twins”. I got these kits because of their resemblance to a famous person, not because of who the artist was. But I’d certainly not hesitate to do another of her kits in the future. They have really nice detail and the vinyl takes color well.


They look really great. Yes, I think that’s more of what I was looking fot (about the paint). I have pre ordered a few kits from spring until now and it was a bit of a disaster with defects. I was spoiled with BB and how flawless they are. I was able to see some of her kits in person earlier this summer, but definitely want this purchase one before next year.


Ooo I love especially elijah!! I need more dolly money.