Jewel has arrived

I am so very excited. Jewel has arrived. Been wanting to do this kit for so long.


Where’d you find a jewel kit, I’ve been wanting her too. She’s such a little cutie.

OK Never mind I see she’s back in stock lol

She is listed in the Bountiful Baby Gallery.

She is back in stock on BB and I am planning to getting a few of her too.

She was on my must have list :blush:

Me too!!!':heart:️ she has been out of stock since before I started reborning!

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Me to. She is adorable.

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She really is!!! Now I’m trying to figure out what else I need!

Am I the only one who thinks they destroyed her with the “improvements”?


I dont know what she looked like before… so I think this one is adorable. I love the look of her kit.

The first version was the one in the prototype pics. The new version is the blank kit pictures.

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The new Jewel kit looks totally different, I loved the old one…


Woah doesn’t even look like the same kit anymore :frowning: for the most part I haven’t been fond of BBs Kit ‘improvements’


NO, you’re not alone. I actually had her in my shopping cart before I went to see the improvements. I quickly removed her. She’s not cute at all anymore and her new head looks alien. They really should take down the old photos of her since she looks nothing like that anymore


All the ones they’ve improved have the old prototype pics up. It drives me nuts!


Me neither. Avery is the only one that I actually liked.

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I still have the older version of Jewel. I think the old version was so much cuter. The new face is not as wide and they deepened the wrinkles. I do not like any of the improvements that they have made on the heads. The limbs are nicer.


I remember this now!!! I’m glad I didn’t rush to order!

I like the older one too. Her head is longer, chubby cheeks are gone and her eyes are alot more opened. I am sure the new kit will make a cute baby but it should of been named a different name since its completely redone.