Are you planning to go to IDEX? I just found out that I get to go and am very excited !!! How ever it does not seem that they will have a whole lot for the reborners this year -seems that its all about BJD this year !!!I plan to meet with Lorna OURS( from the dollspot) and go sat to Idex just to look around ect -anyway if there are those of you planning to be there mabe we could all meet up for a BB dolly day -or couple hrs anyway!!!

It well be in Orlando FL. -to tell the truth they dont seem to be haveing much for reborners this year -will know more after sept -I think the Stefanie Sullivan confrence well be alot better by the sounds of it !!!Hers is just for reborning and it seems that almost all of IDEX this year is geared to BJ dolls -but I will get to see a few friends from the doll spot and hopefully here and I am sure it will be fun