Izzy Limbs?

Izzy, how are the sculpted limbs coming along, Haven’t seen any new pictures, Hope you are doing well and learning a lot.

I’m working on them. Slowly but surely. There’s not much to take pictures of, it’s just that I’m an incredibly slow sculptor, so it might be awhile. :flushed: But I’m getting there! :slight_smile:

Great Izzy, can’t wait to see them with your adorable head. Keep going, we’re waiting.

Hi Izzy, No pressure but do you have any little minis in the works yet? Still would love to adopt one of your babies when you get one done… :wink:

I did but I smushed it lol. Didn’t like the way it was coming out. I’ll try to start on those today too. I just got my sculpting station all set up, and I’m planning to just sculpt away all afternoon! :slight_smile: