I've never rooted eyelashes before

Hi need bit of advice please. I’ve never rooted eyelashes before and usually insert half round eyes in at front. Can this still be done after rooting the lashes? Any hints and tips greatly received also what size rooting needles do you use x thank you



This is good to know, thanks . I have never rooted lashes either and was wondering could it be done if eyes were inserted first. I like putting the eyes in when the head is warm from the front and was not sure if the lashes could be rooted with eyes in place

Thanks for the warning, I am a bit clumsy, lol

I root them first, then glue. Then insert eyes from back and glue in eyes.


I do the same as Katie.

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Amy i put the eyes in first was w ondering if root before eyes how do you keep the ends of the hair from getting in the way of the eye.I mean dont the ends in the back show when you push eyes in? …my fear.im afraid to try it this way

I’ve never had any lashes show. If you angle the needle, the lashes are difficult to see from the front, even with the eyes out.

Think ill give it a shot Hard with eyes in in some spots

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I don’t know how you do it with the eyes in! I do know many artists do it that way, though. :relaxed: