I've got big June's kit on the way :D

I can’t buy my kits direct from BB because the shipping and customs charges to the UK are astronomical, so I have to wait until one of the UK based shops I trust (usually kiddies korner on ebay, or special care nursery) manages to get hold of them and one of them finally had seconds big June asleep in stock today. She should be with me by Friday :grinning: I’m so excited but so nervous in case I mess her up. I know I’m late to the big June party but I wanted to share my excitement with someone and you all are the only people who I know would “get” it :heart:


That’s awesome! I wish I knew of someplace in Canada that carried the bb kits, especially June sleeping, Johannah,Leif and a few others that I’m in love with but can’t afford.
Can’t wait to see what you do with her!


Thank you! I wish customs charges weren’t a thing. Sending you good thoughts and hopes that you’ll get your hands on those bubs eventually :heart:

It’s possible! I’m taking a break from painting, I have a barely started Jewel on my table that I haven’t touched in like 5 days. I don’t feel like painting right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking at kits lol I have 5 dolls to sell and all that money will be going to help me bring home my service dog puppy, so no kits even then.

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You’re going to love her!! I had so much fun making mine. She’s for sale still but I don’t mind, she can take her time selling. I don’t mind having her around. She’s so lovely

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