Ive been doing this for almost 2 years now

Its almost two years since I started making dolls.So much goes on with this stuff.But the dolls will sell.So many people want these dolls fo free.So many…But their are alot of people who enjoy our work.The first doll I sent out the lady loved it then she hated the doll.Sent it back after she pushed it in a lil box.But for every mistake she said I made.I fixed and became better.I took the critism and worked harder on my dolls.I NEVER totally gave up.I just give up sometimes and take a brake.I have been selling more dolls now and Im proud of my work.Ive met so many nice ladies and artist on this trip too.Ive also learn just because people ask your opinion doesnt mean they want it in dolly world.The good the bad and the scammers are all here.But I ask myself all the time.Why do they think that they can have the dolls for free.


Because they think that they are entitled to have everything for free, a lot of them are just greedy and others just dont understand how these babies sell for so much money…then you got the scammers that want a free baby just to turn around and sell them, they think it will be easy money

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I think many people honestly don’t know how much they cost to make.

They see a doll for 200-600 dollars and they go, “Come on, it’s a DOLL! Even those fancy collector ones are only like 150. Anyway, it’s for my daughter!”

They don’t realize the hair may be 20 dollars, the kit 100, the body 15, the weight another 5, the eyes 30, the clothes 20 (or more depending on where you shop)…

Not to mention glue, paint, magnets, sponges, brushes, new wave, rooting needles, heat lamps, turtorials…

They don’t realize the hair alone takes 2 full 8 hour work days or more to put in (then you cut, and thin, and style). They don’t know the painting is 20 or more layers sometimes put on one layer a day…

They don’t know we agonize over a crease, or finger nail, or the blue undertone around the eyes being exactly right, or wiped off a layer 5 times because it wasn’t perfect…

They see a 300 dollar doll and think, “you greedy, fat cat artists! They must be rolling in money, selling dolls for hundreds of dollars! I’m sure I can talk them down!”


It’s all of that and, I think, partly because they think they’re toys even though we say they are not.

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Exactly they need to get their own hustle

So why they ask Toys rus or walmart for a free doll.lol


Your so right…I dont explain any more.lol

Now that’s what I miss, the Toutlaw Prose!

Prose - the ordinary form of written or spoken language, without rhyme or meter; speech or writing, sometimes, specif., nonfictional writing, that is not poetry.



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