It's Official-----I HATE CREASES

I’ve been doing this for a little while now and I gotta say: I hate creases!!! I know how they are done, I just have trouble with COLOR and PROCESS. I JUST HATE THEM,. Does anyone else have issues with them??? Sorry, I just had to vent somewhere.

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im really new to this so dont take my word for it at first i hated them too the dirty look drove me nuts i was using bb creases now i mix that with a little warm blush and really thin it out alot making the creases barely noticeable they dont stand out and i dont get that dirty look anymore but still get the affect i want

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Creases, like everything else, need to be done by many very thin layers.


A little help take the top of the triangle on your sponge like Swiss cheese pull out holes the dip in paint to get in creases then mute out edges with clean sponge same w with painting always soften line away…hope that helps

I hate eyebrows and rooting :slight_smile:

Nail tips for me. Hate them. Happily root hair for hours…end up spending far too much time doing the nail tips. On/off…on/off…on/off…grrrr. Eyebrows are difficult too but not the headache the tips give me.

I don’t mind rooting or nail tips but I can’t say the same for eyebrows. I don’t find the tips hard at all. I enjoy rooting (have only done 2) but eyebrows give everyone heck, I think. I can’t seem to get color for eyebrows right, blonde is really tough, and brown not much better, it always wants to turn red even if you put blue in it. Waaaaa

One thing I do that really helps me with nails tips is thatvi put my nail tip paint and let it dry. I then take a toothpick and shape it up and clean it up. Hope this helps.

Thank you I’ll give that a go. I just waste too much time trying to get them ‘right’ and yes …before they have dried.

I’m new here, but thought this might help with getting a brown brow color: add a little green to get rid of the red instead of adding blue. Green gets rid of reddish undertones. Once the red tones are removed, if you would like a darker brown, add a little blue. I hope it helps.
Sometimes I find doing creases difficult in the tiny areas in the soles of the feet. Occasionally the vinyl can have a little rough spot that seems to want to grab too much color and it can easily look like a cut or tiny boo boo instead of a crease. I try to work it out with a toothpick or stiff small brush but it can be frustrating.
The “moons” on my last baby’s nails almost drove me insane. I love a little moon, but they can be a lot of work.