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OK Ladies-----I’ve said this before " I HATE CREASES"!!! I swear, I’ve been working on my Serenity and she is turning out pretty good until I got to the creases. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I just can’t seem to get this part of the process. Everything else is coming along pretty good in my learning lessons except that. I just can’t get it. I have followed many of your instructions and NO GO, STILL. Maybe part of my trouble is I can’t seem to get a decent color for them. It always seem to orange or to red or something. I sure could use some help if you have any for me. I’m really discouraged.


Lynn, maybe use thin thin crease paint… Then after you bake… Go over the creases that need more color again?

Nik----that is one I haven’t tried. I’m willing to give anything a go at this stage of the game. Thanks.

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Have you tried the powders for the creases? I have been using them for several months now and I find it is much easier to do creases with them. I use the Coastal Scent and they have a variety of matte colors at a decent price.

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WOW, NEVER thought about that !! I have seen some beautiful babies done with the powders. Where do you get them? After you use them is it still ok to use the matte/satin varnish to seal, does it lift the powders off the vinyl? And does the powder color change from the heat?

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I was going to suggest the powders as well. That’s how I do mine. They are much more subtle and you have more control. There’s a slight learning curve, but not a steep one.


What are your favorite crease colors? I’m still experimenting, but I use paprika a lot.

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You HAVE to seal them. You work the powders into the vinyl and then seal. In order not to lift the powders, you have to not pounce over the same area very much.

Do you seal them every layer? Or just bake and seal at the end?

Which crease color do you like best?

I seal at the end as well. Occasionally I have used washes over my powders, but it always scares me.

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i do my creases in the begining and towards the end again if they need a little more
but something i found with creases imo anyways is i add some skin tone
i dont use the creases from bb i make my own with the blush and lip colors and add skin tone to it

I’m about to invest in powders as soon as a have dolly dollars. Fun but scary! Lol

Really, Nik, they aren’t scary at all. If you don’t like them, just take them off. And they aren’t terribly expensive either. I just bought some more. Be sure you order matte, and use the list of colors from the website so you don’t spend a lot of money on colors you don’t need. Oh, and buy the big magnetic case. It is so worth it. I only have the small one, but it’s already full and I have lots of loose pans of colors. Some small, “stiffish” make-up brushes are a great investment too.You’ll love the powders.


You can order them from the Coastal Scent web site. If you order them please remember to only get the matte powders. The last reborn I used the powders on I did seal with the satin genesis varnish and baked twice. I use air dry paints so I do not add a thinner to my varnish. There was only a small amount of powder that came off on the sponge as I was applying the varnish, but it was such a small amount that it really didn’t change the appearance. The baking did not change the color at all.


Thank you for the great advice Helen!!! Matte!! I wouldn’t of rbered that! Hopefully, I’ll be ordering soon:-)

Yes. Don’t forget the matt part or you will have sparkly babies! :smile:

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Paprika is one of my favorite for light skin tones. I also like using the soft pink (Hot Pot B01) for the creases on the palm of the hands and feet because it is a softer color. For the tan skin tones I like using the harvest brown and for the dark skin tones I use the burnt umber.


Now there’s an idea for anyone doing fairies! One might try using the sparkly ones on purpose for Jasper or Clover. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great idea!!!

I love Paprika. I don’t think I have the Hot Pink. I’ll get it next time.

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