It came

saturday i ordered Spencer at the sale price. Well he came today and when i opened the box------------------------------ crap there was the Drew kit. No way!!! I didnt order him i ordered spencer!!! So quickly got the copy of my order, looked at it and DOUBLE CRAP I ORDERED DREW BY MISTAKE!!! How in the world did i do that. I was looking at the photoype of spencer as a girl went back to the sale page of spencer and hit the buy button. How could i have made the mistake. I didnt even look at Drew.

ohhh nooo epic fail. sorry hun that stinks. im sure there will be more spencer seconds. how awful

I hope so. Drew is cute and i can try the 3-D skintone on him and use the pencil to do his hair. Perfect little guy to test with. LOL

Spencer is on special again (Nov. 3)


I painted Drew quite a while ago and I wasn’t all that fond of him, but, when I finished him he turned out to be a favorite.