Is this shop legit? Looks suspicious

I first came across their FB page. They had a photo of what appears to be a Luxe by Cassie Brace and it supposedly silicone. Was Luxe released by permission of Cassie into silicone? I went to their web page link. First thing I notice is they have a phone number with an area code from northern Michigan but their address is Los Angeles, CA. Here is their web page. Looks like an awake Jade on this page being sold as a silicone:

Here is their FB page, with Luxe:

A Levi being called Saskia:

I smell scammers.

There is a partial silicone Luxe kit for sale @ MacPherson’s for $825 so it’s probably not very likely that someone would sell a completed kit for less than that.


I say scam

they have multiple stolen photos of Nadine’s sculpts.

Levi named Saskia, etc.

Their FB shows the illegal copies of many of them also


Thanks, @jlesser ! I sensed something was off. I see some other faces on their web page that look familiar but can’t place them. I’m going to report the FB page.


NO!! This ■■■■ is wearing on my nerves…gah

Funny I already had it on my list… with over 1000 sometimes it is easy to not remember until I go to add it and it is already there :wink:


How I found it is FB put it in my newsfeed as a suggested page! Scammers are using FB because they don’t seem to do much about them.

Here is a bad knockoff April on there:

Who is this?

All their photos looks stolen. You can tell different dolls were painted by different artists.

Nadine Dolotova

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She has her stolen Layla Arcello listed as Lacy Jane Sullivan. But Lacy Jane is a sleeping kit.

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I believe on was Levi

Heres another using others pictures on FB it had some of our ladies saying they loved this site, like J Lesser would approve NoT LOL. It is called all saying 12" which none of these are and silicone.
Saskia,Twins A and B, BB’s Skya, Lyam spelled wrong and photos of these with so many “great” reviews, right beware. No Silicone ever cost $39.00 , maybe a hand by itself LOL. I wrote not nice review and reported them,not that it will help on FB. Hey Jenni you and a couple of others were on there liking this site. I know it wasn’t true you might check they aren’t using your name to attract people. :footprints: :baby:

What? There is a review from me on their site?
I cant open it on my computer. Says it is not private and hackers could get my info when I try.

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It came up as an ad on Fb and where you check like/love your name came up with a couple of people I recognized but don’t know. It wasn’t a review . I don’t know why you can’t get to it. I went on FB and typed it in search and it comes up and lets me on. I just clicked on the link and it popped up and let me in.

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Oh ok. I have seen that happen. My angry emoji looks like a like. Not sure how some pages make it look that way. I can see their FB they haven’t even blocked me so I added some more scammer warnings today :wink:

Probably my computer network settings blocking me from iffy websites :slight_smile: which I am thankful for.


I added my “lovely” review and scammer warning yesterday. Have a great day :hugs: