Is this normal? Tracking Silicone

I ordered a silicone (Alabama to Ontario) and the shipping has said this for 7 days now. I’m really worried. I’ve never had a package just stop like this before. I called USPS and Canada Post and they both say they don’t have it and it’s on its way to Customs. But how has it not reached Customs in a week. I understand “Stuck in Customs” but my package hasn’t even got there yet. Any ideas what to do? Is this normal?

It happens all the time. It can take long between tracking updates. It will show up eventually.


Ok thanks. Can you tell it’s my first time ordering internationally in years? lol😂

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Mine was scan like 3 times within a few minutes…

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I had the same prob sending something to Canada. I am two hours from the border and it sat there fir like a week in customs waiting to be processed

My guess is it’s in a pile waiting to even be scanned

When it got to Canada it zoomed through and was on its way so :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’ve had it happen to me too. Not blaming Alabama cause that’s where I’m from but it seems like once it gets to the boarder the tracking stops. Then boom it updates all at once.

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