Is this normal for a 2nds kit?

I was going through my kits and found this Ashley Awake 2nds kit I bought a few months ago. I was so disappointed that the head looks to be mashed in severely. I haven’t had this issue with any of my other 2nds kits I’ve purchased in the past. I keep trying to restore the original shape to no avail. Anyone else experience this? Am I being too picky since this is a 2nds kit?

Did you JUST get it? Of have you had it stored? Possibly stored under other kits?

I think you should try to heat her and see if she “pops” back normal…

My Li from Macphersons has a horribly flat spot… I hope he fixes easy… lol

Thanks for the quick reply Jenni. It’s been stored for a few months. I should have taken all the kits out to check when I received the box… I’ve had other kits stored for a long time with no issues, but this one took me by surprise! I use air dry and don’t have an oven… Is there an alternate way to fix this?

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Put her head in boiling water.

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I use air dry too. I just fill it up with hot water from the tap. Maybe some boiling water if it’s really bad. It should pop right back.

Yes, that’s what I do too.
They pop back in shape.

I got Li out to take a picture and his head is mostly normal… he has been sitting for a few weeks with no other kits and the top of his head at the top of everything and seems to have mostly fixed itself. I think a little heat and once stuffed he will be normal.
It was literally diagonally flat and you could tell he was probably on the bottom of the bin… on the top of his head…

Have you tried stuffing the head with paper towels into the correct shape, then place it in the NuWave for 5 minutes, let it cool with the paper towels inside the head?

Boiling water works for people who don’t use heat set paints or have a NuWave.

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Thanks ladies! I will give the boiling water a try :slight_smile:

It took me that long to write the post! Lol. I see the follow up comment now.

I used to use air dry paints and what I did was stuff the head very tight with white wash cloths to get the shape mostly corrected. Then put the head upside down in a bowl and poured boiling water inside. Allowed it to cool completely and then removed the wash cloths. I ended up with the head fixed and a small load of laundry. I actually did this several times to fix little indentations and so forth. It has always worked for me.

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Thank you all so much for the quick response and help! The boiling water seemed to do the trick. Amazing! :slight_smile:


I just stuff mine with fiberfill. If you store your kits in a bin like me it doesn’t matter if they are seconds or not. I leave it in there until I’m ready to do the kit and it’s been just fine.

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Omg ok- that looks bad but if it’s smushed- try putting in your oven real quick and it should re-shape.

Oh good! Glad it all worked out xoxo

My 2nds Tibby was pretty smashed up, I did a second Tibby and a regular Tibby at the same time. It was noticeable while working on them, but after a few bake jobs and being stuffed they both look pretty much the same:

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