Is this a prototype by Melissa?

Just wondering if it looks like a prototype by Melissa George? Maybe it is just the bad photos that make it look so red in the listing?

eBay item

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It might be- hard to tell.

That baby may have been reborned by Melissa George, but the authenticity number of 1198 that the seller states is a bit curious? The seller directs to this page for more photos? anyone know how to “snoop” eBay for the original buyer of the Savannah by Melissa? It looks like the seller does a lot of buying and selling? I do think this is probably legitimate though.

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I think that does look like prototype. Look at the mark above the right eyebrow and the wispy hairs around the face. The pictures on the auction aren’t very good so it is hard to tell for sure. But I do agree with Pia about the odd authenticity number, 1198. Isn’t a prototype just that, one of the first kits??

Yes, I did noticed the veins being in the same place too, but the pics are so bad it is hard to tell. At first I thought that maybe she has done a bad copy. The number had me puzzled too; surely Melissa did not make 1200 prototypes? BB kits are not limited edition numbered kits.