Is this a good deal?

I haven’t dabbled much in the monies but I found a Ashton drake Coco with clothes and original box for $30, is this a good deal? Does anyone have one, she looks cute in pictures.

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Coco the monkey? If so she runs 99.95 on the Ashton Drake site.

Yes, She is used but good condition. I didn’t think I was a monkey momma but she’s pretty cute!


I have never seen an Ashton Drake up close one day I need to buy one just so I can see if they look like a reborn or a Lee Middleton baby.

The lady I’m getting Coco has a paradise valley doll too for $40 too but I just kept thinking how much work it would be to strip her paint and remove the hair… But some are cute, some are not very cute, just depends on the doll. I think I like the Ashton drakes better than the paradise valley - this is the one she has…I’m torn on the doll, but the monkey is adorable.

If you do, please share pictures and how it goes, I’ve always wondered. I’ve redone berenguer dolls, but never Ashton drake.

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I would not strip them and repaint, would only buy it to see how they look lol. As in are they a really expensive Walmart baby or are they nicely painted as a reborn would be?

I could see that, I think they look better than Walmart dolls, but never as good as their advertisement pics. I was scrolling through eBay and some look okay.


I bought my daughter an Ashton Drake doll for Christmas 2014, we were so disappointed. They do not look anything like their pics. The first one we got was Savannah she had the ugliest reddish brown hair that was glued, there were just clumps of hair and you could see the glue. We exchanged her little grace and she had the same awful hair, so we tried one more time exchanging her for Emily who has rooted hair, but her coloring was bad and the rooting was terrible, you can see every hole and they at not small holes.

This is a side by side Little Grace Left is pic from Ashton drake website, right pic is the one we got


Wow, that’s a huge difference! I can understand your disappointment.


Ashton Drake is the reason I started reborning. I was so disappointed with the doll they sent me that I gave it to my granddaughter who was 3 at the time and bought some stuff to start reborning! Those pictures are awfully deceptive. Mine had a trolli-wig!


Wow!! They must use a lot of photo shop on the pictures thanks for sharing.

Photoshop for sure…

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Photoshop and I think they take pics of the OOAK sculpt sometimes haha. Or they make a reaaaallly good prototype and sell the rest at crap quality.


Here’s a paradise galleries doll (basically similar company and quality to AD).

Stock photo:

Actual doll:


Wow, startling differences!
I will definitely look at the monkey in person first, it’s craigslist do that will work, and offer $25 if I like it, just as a keeper. If it looks terrible maybe I’ll pass.

I think that’s exactly what they do, make a great prototype, probably hand painted and rooted. Then mass produce a bunch of factory painted dolls with glued on hair and sell them (way to expensive for what you get)


That is what got me started reborning as well