Is there a problem at Nonies Angels?

I’m wanting to place an order with her but I have a question I need answered first. I’ve e-mailed her twice with no response.

I got an email dated Dec 4 and she is closing her business. Following is the email.
Hello everyone,
Please read the entire email
With a VERY heavy heart I have decided to close my web store. The decision has been soooooo hard for me and it is really taking a lot for me to type this now but I need to do it for a couple of reasons but this passes great deals on to you because I want to get the stock of kits & FX products sold, whatever I don’t sell I will just reborn at some point.
I will still take body orders!!!**
Ok so first off PLEASE DO NOT email and ask for free shipping or more of a reduction on items, it is rude and inconsiderate especially because it is a good deal and I am bothered by closing up as it is, I am losing my butt on the reduction of the prices so I will not answer the email if you ask any question like that.

As always because Paypal can be a pain, if it over sells on a kit I will just have to refund the money.
The Paypal buttons will show original price, the sale price will show once you put it in your cart.
I will be working on doing FX paints to sell them in variety of colors and extra item to sell so keep popping back if you are interested in FX products


Lilia - $45
Sherry - $65
Anthony - $60
Azraya - $70
Luca - $60
Myloh - $60
Barnabe, Prince of Trolls - $45
Bonita - $45
Fritzi - $70
Lainey - $50
Twin B - $60
Lola - $40
Leo - $40
Rosa - $50
Harlow - $65


Finley - $40
Maik - $40
Ella - $40.
Ellis - $65
Yona - $40
Alexandra - $30
Lennox - $40
Enya - 40
Mae Louise - $55
Briar - $40
Clodagh - $40
Lillith - $40
Tamino - $30

Thank you everyone for your support through the years.

That is NOT Nonies…

@jeanhai she has been on facebook lately.

That email is from Lorraine at Dream A Little Dream Nursery.

I cant find Harlow on her web page and I really wanted one :slight_smile:

So sorry for the mistake. I’m glad you corrected me. Well if anyone wants any of the kits they are listed in my post. Again sorry for the misinformation.

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I think she has sold out of a few since the email went out

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I have emailed Gina at Nonies several times over the past two months and have not received a response. I have ordered from her many times in the past so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. I haven’t ordered anything, just trying to get an answer on a particular kit.