Is there a less expensive option?

I’m looking at shipping a bb Robin kit and body from WI to CA, the shipping price seems to range from about $14 for 2 day flat rate, or $12 for a smaller box without 2 day. Am I overlooking a less expensive shipping option? It’s been awhile since I’ve shipped a package.

If it’s just a kit…it should fit into a small flat rade box…which I am
thinking is around $8-9 to send???

I think standard is cheaper but USPS did raise their prices a lot this year :thumbsdown:

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I’ll check that out. She has such straight legs, but I’ll measure her up just in case. Thanks:)

Yeah, it just seems so pricey! :frowning:

Small priority box shouldn’t be too much. (the size bountiful baby sends the smaller kits in) if Robin fits in there… what are the zip codes?
I shipped one from Idaho to Wisconsin for $7.05 (it was just a head though. But the weight shouldn’t be too much more)

You can price it on

If the buyer paid via PayPal, you’ll need to ship in a way that will provide tracking.

It will be through PayPal.