Is it silly to want multiples of kits you love in case you mess them up?

I’m nervous about several LE kits including a couple of the realborns which have just been released as seconds, and I’ve just received them in the mail, a Presley and a Kase, but now I’m feeling that I want one or even two backups of Presley because I love him/her so much!

My mum recently warned me not to hoard too many kits while I don’t have my own house to store them in, but I find room for stuff. And she knows I’m saving for a house deposit.

Money is obviously another consideration; as we all know reborning is expensive! I’m also trying to budget for a sculpted kit (Tink Brown) coming out soon. Also because I live in Australia I have to pretty much double the price you see on screen and add thirty dollars shipping. I cursed myself for rushing to buy Presley because I was afraid the seconds would sell out in hours, but 12 days later they seem to be still sort of hanging around. So after 4 days I bought a Kase, which actually I fibbed he hasn’t arrived yet, but I felt I should have waited and calmed down and bought P and K together to save on shipping them separately.

NOW I’m stuck trying to decide if I can justify another Presley or two, plus maybe an Asher and a Reese while I’m at it because I have ben considering them and it would save on a third lot of shipping!!. I’m actually insane, it would be so much easier to reborn if I lived in America.

Do you ladies hoard multiples of kits? Do you hoard kits? Do you panic when you order a kit in case you mess it up? It happened with my Emma Stoete, she’s a booboo baby and her kit is sold out worldwide.

Tell me your thoughts!

I know how you feel. I sometimes want to buy multiples as well. Haven’t done it so far, though, because like you I don’t live in the US and shipping costs hurt.

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I buy multiples because I need to keep one for myself.


You poor thing,you have fallen down the rabbit hole.I have so many kits,I will never get them all done and I just keep ordering more.I have multiples of quite a few also.

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If your primary concern is that you’ll mess them up, remember that they can be stripped and redone. The only time they can’t be fixed is if you totally melt them. It’s soooo easy to end up hoarding kits, especially LE ones, because if you don’t get them now you might not be able to get them at all. I rarely do a 2nd baby of the same sculpt. That way there’s more variety and I get to try more new kits without quite so much kit hoarding.