Is it just me?

The last two kits (Emma & Corbin) I bought have a strong chemical / vinyl odor. Is it just me or have any of you noticed that?

I am working on precious gift and I have noticed a very strong odor especially when I bake it.

My husband has been complaining about the odors when I bake, so we bought a convection oven and put in my doll room. Even with the door closed and the window open, he says he can still smell it. I’ve been blaming the thinner, but perhaps it’s the vinyl too!

I’ve noticed mine were smellier than usual but I just got a halogen oven and it’s in my doll room. I just assumed it was because it’s in my room. However you don’t smell the vinyl all over the house now.

The vinyl on these two dolls are already smelly and I haven’t even cook them yet. If this new vinyl is going to be this strong I may not be able to use BB’s sculpts anymore. That would be a shame.

I had recently done Reva Schick’s All Grown Up, and she had the most disgusting strong sickly sweet smell. It especially smelled when heated but it was very strong even when cooled down again.

It really does not matter if the smell is annoying you or not, you should not be breathing in the vapours of baking vinyl. There are probably compounds coming out of it that do not smell, but are not good for you. Always bake outside or in another room with all windows open.

I did notice a strong vinyl smell when I opened the bag for Lainey but figured a few days of air would take care of it. My daughter even noticed it when she was in the next room. I really am going to break down when my income tax comes back and buy an oven. It can go outside on nice days and in the spare room on other days. I just have to keep a timer with me so I don’t forget it. The part that worries me is what I don’t smell. I’d tried to tell myself since I didn’t smell anything it was okay but regardless of what hubby says about not worrying, I am worrying. And since worrying isn’t good, I figure I can take care of odors and not-odors. Just hoping they don’t smell while I’m painting them.