Is it just me? Ugh

I’m getting so frustrated with MacPherson’s. Who do you trust to order your upper end kits from? I’m tired of waiting weeks for them to even ship my order. I understand with things like holidays, delays happen, but can’t they bring on another staff member or something? We are now in March, and the service is just as bad as the holidays. It has also taken them over a week to respond to a simple message, and communication is very poor with pre-orders, and partial payments. Any suggestions? I love what their site, and what they have to offer, but waiting, especially when it’s for a customer just isn’t any fun. :confused:

Irresistables is wonderful, I ordered 2 twin A and B sets from them and a few odd and end things she ships within 24 hours usually like BB does and when I had a question got her on the phone immediately she was extremely helpful. I tried to order twin A when everyone else was sold out and communication was poor, I canceled my order with them.

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Thanks! That’s a good idea. It’s more personal. Maybe it would work better.

That sounds fantastic! Thanks for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

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I find them (MacPhersons) a little slower than others, but I just factor that in when I order. There site is the best for pictures, etc. I also like the free shipping for over $100. orders. Anyway, for me, I know they are shipping from Canada to the US and can’t always hurry things along. If I had a rush order to complete, I would buy elsewhere, but for me, they are worth the wait. Of course nothing beats BB for shipping time and customer service!


Ye, I agree. I have stuck with them because of site navigation, and the free shipping as well. I don’t mind the transit time so much as the fact that it is weeks before it even leaves their building.