Is anyone planning on going?

Is anyone planning on going to the Down East Doll Show and Conference in June? If so, would any of you like to share a room and possibly a rental car? I am trying to find roomies so that expenses are not as high. I am going to take Sandra Maxwell’s sculpting class… anyone want to join me? It would be so much fun!

Carmen M.

I so would love to go -but I dont see it happening -money is soooo tight right now !!!

I would love to go to but too far away for me.

— Begin quote from “dmatthews”

I would love to go to but too far away for me.

— End quote

I am in Fort Worth… We could fly together, no? Pretty please…

I am going but I am driving and taking my son who is also a reborner with me.

She is a Celebration emily by ashton drake.

My son is 21 years old… he has reborned a few babies… he may even do some to have in our booth.

I wish!~

My husband is 52 and almost refuses to touch my Libby. He did carry some in the cradles when we were delivering them. He said he is glad they make me happy but count him out on carrying one anywhere. He said when people think they are real that creeps him out. I told him that was a compliment. What ever, what do men know?