Is Anyone Else Tired --------------------

of seeing the “monkeys” and “blaze” on sale? Seems like they have been on special deal forever.


Probably because they have TONS of them in stock…I wouldn’t think that monkeys are a big seller for them!!!

Yes and that is all I’m saying this morning.

That is one of the reasons I suggested that the people looking for 'FREE" or “CHEAP” REBORN dolls, take a look at the BB sale site and they will find $29.98 deals - It answers the question for the needly pests who can’t understand why we we charge to make & sell the dolls - and it helps BB sell their stock. I for one am tired of having people ask for, or expect lowers prices on the work we produce.


Yes, but I can certainly understand BB wanting to cut down on their inventory and what better way to do it than to have SALES.