Irresistables + MacPhersons new silicone production

Hi all! I’ve fallen behind in dolly news recently, so this may have already been discussed (apologies if it has)… but what are everyone’s thoughts on MacPherson’s new site devoted to silicone kits? They’re producing a ton of popular vinyl kits in silicone… Rosalie, Luxe, Blessing, and a lot of classic Linda Murray sculpts. I think it could stop some counterfeiters from copying kits (it might take over the market/demand for reproductions of popular kits), but I hope it won’t make knockoffs harder to identify reliably… I’m sure MacPherson’s will provide COAs, of course. :sweat_smile:

I personally think it’s quite cool, since it allows artists to satisfy the demand for silicone versions of their kits while still getting some of the profits. Irresistables has a whole bunch of new silicone kits as well… it looks like they’re partnering more with Baltic Babies (and Jade Warner), while MacPherson’s is working with KrisC. Irresistables has a lot more alternative sculpts… this one REALLY freaked me out, but it also made me laugh! It’s a baby caterpillar… unicorn?

They also have a mini dragon and baby sloths! If I ever try silicone painting again, I’ll definitely start out with baby dragons :relaxed:


Forgot to add links: here’s MacPherson’s new site and the the Irresistables page.

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I am glad they are making more silicone but I don’t want this “thing” in my home !:fearful:


Yeah, the alternative sculpts that are clearly part-human aren’t really my thing. But I love a lot of the other Jade Warner kits. And my favorite part of this whole thing is that Irresistables is selling silicone heads as well as full kits… I’d love to see more silicone cuddle babies!

And it’s really interesting that MacP’s is focusing on the much older Linda Murray kits. I haven’t seen the vinyl versions of Andi or Chloe in quite a while, but they’re on the list of silicones being produced.

It would be nice if the prices of the kits came down! I’d honestly love one but have invested way to much in vinyl and to switch to silicone I think the learning curve would bankrupt me


I am afraid will be illegal copy’s made with very bad quality and will be drama behind it by knowing what is legit and what isn’t .
Anyone can take dose parts and cast/ pour .

It’s a great idea as long as they are used by legit artist and nor scammers

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I’m concerned about that too. Especially when I saw that the Elisa Marx sculpts that Irresistables is selling look so much like Coco Malu… I have a feeling that we’re going to have to be even more careful when we tell people how to identify counterfeits.

Here’s Jade’s Facebook post about the unicorn caterpillar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, thank you! :slight_smile:

ok… for some reason, knowing that it was actually a mistake makes me like it much more! :joy:


Woah I’ve never seen something quite like that before!!