Irelyn sculpt

Am I the only one who thinks the Irelyn sculpt looks weird? I keep looking at her and trying to tell myself she’s cute, but I just can’t “make the leap.” Has any one made one? I’d like to see what somebody does with her.

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looks like a monkey to me, but does have my very favorite limbs (shares with Aubrey and Lillie).


I’ve never ordered her. I don’t care for the sculpt either.

My thoughts exactly!

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Here is my little monkey. She is different, but that is what I like about her.


I love Irelyn and Scarlet both. They have such personality! I’ll try to upload a photo of my Scarlet I just finished. I don’t think she looks mean at all!


I did the irelyn sculpt, lol I call her my little monkey boy!!! Needless to say my older daughter has her, well now a boy, at her home sitting on her bed in guest room because she felt sorry for it

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We just call him monkey boy, my son n law says it’s creepy

Nope…she’s a homely little thing…never even thought about getting that one!!! LOL

Rainbow, yours is cuter than the prototypes!

@honojane Thank you!

Your Scarlett is darling : ) I love that sculpt! I prefer to call kits like that “grumpy babies” not angry. Adrie has a few like that - Diedre, Barry, Noelle - I love the furrowed brow or pouty lips!!

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I didn’t think I would like Irelyn but I made it a very light bi racial and it is kinda cute finished. I can’t get my photo to load too large, sorry. But it did come out less ugly than i thought it would.I sell on as BarefeetBabyBoutique if you want to take a look.

There’s kind of a challenge to taking one of these “not-so-pretty” babies and making it cute, isn’t there. I’m just afraid Irelyn might be too big a challenge for me. That would be an interesting contest, wouldn’t it. Who can make the cutest ugly baby? :


That’s how I felt about the Rina sculpt. While I’m happy with the outcome, I don’t want to repeat it.

I have never bought Rina either. Her eyes are not attractively shaped and her mouth isn’t either. I almost bought her once as a challenge baby, but just didn’t think I could bond enough to do a good job when there are so many pretty babies to choose from.

I have to agree about Irelyn sculpt, she looks too much like a monkey. Plus, I have never seen a Rina that I liked.

I have never thought i would like this sculpt until i saw yours he is darling! if he doesnt sell before i can save up im getting him! haha :smile:

Thank you for your compliment. He was a challenge. when I got the sculpt I thought no way he looks like a monkey. Once I got him done I thought oh my he’s kinda cute and I have had many looky loos on my etsy site. Thank you again.

I always thought Scarlet was the perfect biracial reborn. I did a couple and they sold quickly. I like Fei Yen as biracial too. Never did the Irelyn kit though-didn’t think I could do it justice and make it cute enough.