Irelyn..into April

Well, we’re into April and how is Irelyn coming? We have about six weeks before the “great unveiling.” There’s still time for people to jump on board the challenge if you’re a fast reborner. I was getting pretty frustrated with Irelyn yesterday and wanted to just toss her out the window, and then suddenly, when I was getting ready to put her aside for awhile, she just came to life for me. I’ll be finishing her up today if all goes well, and then I get to dress her and do her photo shoot. It’s been fun, challenging and interesting to be sure, but I’m so-o-o- ready to move on to a new doll!
@Debra_Lynn : Hey Debra, how are you doing with gathering the pix of Irelyn etc. Is everything going according to plan? We haven’t heard from you in a while. How about an update? (For those of you who don’t know, Debra is our “techie” and is the one making the posting and voting for the Irelyn challenge possible, as my Grandma used to say, “Bless her heart!”)


Thank you so much for the update. I am finishing my Irelyn, hopefully today, then the photo shoot, and then, sometime next week, you should get my pictures. Are we posting this annonymously, with just a number or something? I think we should do it that way to keep the judging impartial? Oh, and everybody, remember, this isn’t about how great a reborner you are, it’s about whether you can make Irelyn cute. The cutest Irelyn “wins”, not the most professional and perfect. Everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

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My painting is coming along nicely. I hope to start rooting next week. Still have my doubts about the cuteness though…lol.

I can’t wait to see them!!! Will we all gt to vote?


Oh my goodness. This baby is NOT photogenic. I will be working really hard on her photo shoot this next week. Between having to use my camera phone and the sculpt’s angularity, it is really hard to get a cute picture of her. Even if the shot looks good in the view-finder, it comes out looking a bit freakish. Poor irelyn…rather BeeBee, cause that’s her new name. She was (re) born at 2 PM this afternoon. I’m pretty pleased with her overall, but her hair is not what I envisioned. It’s almost invisible in photos though not in reality. Anyway, I’ll finish the “shoot” in a few days, and send in my pictures. Then it’s just wait, wait, wait.


Pacifiers are fine. Cute is the key word for this competition. Maybe one with, one without?

Well I got my close-up taken today but am not satisfied with any of my full body shots so I’ll try again tomorrow. One more shot and she’ll be on the way to Debra_Lynn’s computer! I actually think she’s cute. Surprise!

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I can hardly wait to see everyone’s Irelyns. I kinda wish I had taken the challenge now. :smile:

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I can’t wait to see these!

There’s still time to join the challenge. The deadline’s almost 6 weeks away.

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I thought we were only allowed one head shot?

It’s my understanding that we should submit one head shot and one full body shot. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

One head shot and one full body shot is correct.

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