Introducing Realborn® Alyssa! First Prototype by Lena Dahl

Introducing Realborn® Alyssa!

Our very first Alyssa prototype, perfectly reborn by Lena Dahl, is on eBay now! Lena has done a magnificent job with her. Alyssa’s realism is absolutely breathtaking! Be sure to check out her auction here:

You can also find her auction featured on our homepage at:

Alyssa’s Realborn is about 18 inches long once completed, such a perfect newborn size! She has the most adorable lips and the sweetest expression! You can find the link to sign up to be notified of her release here:

We also have the cutest video footage of real baby Alyssa to share with you! She was such a calm, alert baby with the most amazing head of hair! You can view her video here:

We hope you have a great day!

Bountiful Baby


She looks so perfectly newborn!

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Ooooh she looks like a deep sleeper! Great kit! Another to add to my list? :tired_face:

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She’s gorgeous! Beautifully painted, but the kit is amazing too. I love how she’s not symmetrical.


Precious. She’s already got 79 bids.

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Yay! Love Alyssa, Daphne and Dustin :purple_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart:

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She’s my new favorite.