Introducing Claudia and Tessa, 2 New Realborns on eBay!

2 Amazing New Realborns!

Have have 2 gorgeous Realborns coming soon! Tessa Awake and Claudia Asleep are both too cute! Our first prototypes of both of these sweet girls are featured on our home page now:

Lilly Gold is the amazing artist who brought Claudia Asleep to life. You can see more of her amazing photos, as well as real baby photos here: We also have the sweetest video footage of real Claudia’s photo session:

Helen Jalland has perfectly reborn our first Tessa Awake prototype. You can see more of Tessa here: We also have the most adorable video from real baby Tessa’s photography session. You can view her darling video here:

Don’t forget to sign up for these sweet babies’ releases! You can find the links to sign up below.

Claudia Asleep:
Tessa Awake:

Bountiful Baby


They are both gorgeous

Claudia looks like she’ll have curling legs and I love the photo of the real babies hair swirl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: great inspiration photo


@bountifulbaby Why are there so many reviews for Brooklyn on Tessas page already? :thinking:

I actually really miss when real babies birth weight was in the description of the baby cause Tessa is a super squish :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ok Tessa is definitely a new favorite! :heartpulse: Love chubby babies.

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Sucker for a double chin…

They are lovely, nice prototypes.

I love them both!!!

I like Tessa alot, love chunky babies