Im glad scam sites are getting public attention. Just sad to see what people thought they were buying compared to what they actually received!


As angry as those scammers make me, that fake doll is hilarious.


I think it’s great that they’re alerting people about it, I just think it sucks that they made all reborn dolls out to be so evil. Tried to email the writer when he published the first article, but he never got back to me.


That doll is nightmare fuel. Eeeeeeek


Oh my goodness! Scary! Yes, I’m so glad this information is getting out there!


The news reporter who did that piece is in some of the scam groups on Fb


Why are they upset with PayPal? I’d be mad at the scammer who sold the doll. Not PayPal’s responsibility.


PayPal won’t refund a lot of people.


Can’t really blame them but if it is thier policy to protect thier customers from scams like this I guess they should. I’m thinking these kind of scams are out of control


People should do their due diligence. Surely people do a little research before spending larger sums of money. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. The scam site is at fault but the buyer holds the rest of the responsibility. I don’t blame PayPal.


People need to research what they buy. I bought a very cool sweatshirt, thought I was helping to raise money, got the shirt 3 weeks later, it isn’t a sweatshirt it is some cheap polyester fabric sewn together like a home-ec project, the image isn’t silkscreened it is digitally printed with a design that was obviously stolen, copied and digitized, it is blurry and crap. Turns out some damn company in China copied information from a site donating profits stole the design, printed up ■■■■■■ shirts and now they have closed up shop and are off to do some more evil business.

My bad. I should have made sure, checked where it was coming from, made sure they were a real non profit.

That being said there has to be some regulation, shops need to be accountable. Selling platforms need to not let these people sell or kick them off when the complaints come in. PayPal needs to refuse to do business with them or just keep refunding.

Global market place like we have is pretty new, we have done global business like this before with mfg. direct to consumer. Distributors and stores use to have a purchasing department that vetted the vender, got samples, had terms so that an inferior product was refused and the vendor blacklisted.

Now we buy direct, wait three weeks, and if we get crap it most of the times isn’t worth fighting and as for a PayPal refund usually a month has gone by and the thieves have a new website.

From now on I am just buying directly from artists here in the US. If I buy overseas it has to be someone I know and trust.

I hate it that this does effect trust with our clients, not fair at all.

Hats off to the ladies who keep the scam list updated and call them out (@jlesser).

You can tell the people but when its a matter of paying less for what they think is more, nothing you can do.


I can’t believe that people don’t realize they aren’t going to get a real reborn doll for 36 dollars. Seriously


It is the ignorance and they can’t help it. I have learned there are two types of people. One who believe they are toy dolls for kids and collectors. Someone who understands art realizes that art does not have a price. It is the price that the artist feels and if you feel it is worth buying. Dolls are just junk that comes and goes. If you are not living in a high end or sophisticated world you are not going to understand the value of the artwork.
Lol still makes me mad though.


I am not one to blame the buyer, but…
I don’t spend $10 without research, let alone hundreds.
It’s always oh I didnt know.
I jus don’t get how even if you know nothing about reborns, why it doesn’t scream scam.
American girl dolls look like dolls and sell for $100 ish, so why would a doll that looks just like a real baby be less than half that?

It’s in the same theory that someone wants a prototype quality baby but only has $100 to spend, they go with someone cheap then complain when the doll doesn’t look like the prototype. 🤷


Very true!! With the advancement of technology and more online shopping, there’s going to be opportunity for scammers. So any consumer regardless of age, should researcher products and company’s before buying. I learned the hard way with and there 3rd party selling. But that taught me to look into who sells the products, where it’s coming from and If it’s worth chancing. Even with Amazon, a lot of there products are sold from regular people, who sell out of there house. Chins is very popular sellers on every online store. It’s a shame to be ripped off, but sometimes we do it to ourselves! Case in point, wanting that prototype doll for Walmart prices!

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