Info for 3 year old June

Soooo…… I am Making this June into a zombie toddler for Halloween. I’ve got the kits and all the parts… wig, armature, eyes on the way, etc.

Does anyone know what size clothing this big girl wears?

And what size shoes?

Thanks y’all!

Ive seen others say they put her in 3-4t shoes I think little kids 7?


Thank you… I was thinking maybe around a 3 or 4 T.

But was not sure about shoes

Yes, 3-4t n toddler size 7 in shoes

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Thank you so much!

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You welcome

Clothing is tough because she has very thick thighs. I have made several and have put her in 12 month up to 18 month. If its a dress no problem just be aware pants can be stretched to the limit with her.LOL

12 month to 18 month sizes on 3 year old June? That would be stretching it :joy:

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I’m painting mine too. I was trying to be normal but she turned into something else as usual. Can’t wait to see yours.

@Shera1 3 year June or 7 mo June? :thinking: my 3 year goes anyway from 3-5t depending… (it’s hard to put her arms through stuff and it’s almost impossible to stuff her thighs into pants :pleading_face:)

My 7mo June goes in 12-18mo