Influenced by prototypes?

I have a few minutes so I thought I would pop in a post a thread. How influenced are you by the prototypes? Prototype photography? Does it sell the kit, does it put you off, does it inspire you?

For me it’s been a mixed bag. In the beginning I purchased the kits that had pretty photos and babies painted perfectly. A week later they would arrive and it was like getting a map that wasn’t labeled, I wasn’t sure where to start. Sometimes it went all wrong and sometimes it went all kinds of right (to me anyway).

Aria asleep is one of my favorite Realborns. I was not excited about her when she was released, same with Kelsey. They were cute and prototypes are always jaw-dropping but I was Meh…

They went on sale, I gave them a shot and fell in love with them.

Now (a couple years later) I don’t pay much attention to the prototype photo (it intimidates me sometimes honestly). I like to look at the raw vinyl photo, it gets me all giddy if it has all the stuff I like. The more unique and challenging the better.

What sells you that sculpt, what makes you think “Oh my gawd I have to get my hands on the sculpt”
What makes you hit the “pre-order” button and wait months?

What puts you off?

For me its:
Open mouth babies are a challenge.
Little head, but chubby thighs and long body.
Open eyes that don’t look natural.
Deep dimples on a newborn.

What seals the deal?

For me it’s:

Big lips.
Delicate fingers and toes (open hands and curly toes).
17-18 inch babies.
Unusual features.
Wide noses and a small space between nose and lips.


For me, I think it’s both the prototype and the raw vinyl photo. But also, when I am considering buying a new kit i look at this forum, reborns. com, Instagram, and anywhere else for different versions of the kit. I like to see what features people accentuate and what shines through every time. It also helps me create a vision for my own version, i get to see what i like and don’t like on the kit before I even start. I always look at the raw vinyl pictures too.
In general though, my preferences include nice lips, at least one open hand, and chunkier limbs. I also like wrinkly hands/feet, but not like realborn Aspen level of wrinkly. I like looking at prototype photos, but i feel like many of the prototype artists make babies that consistently represent their style, so it’s not like I’m surprised when i see their version of a new kit for the first time. If that makes sense? Lol.


If I see a bad prototype it automatically makes me think I am going to have trouble with the kit for sure. Because if they cant make it look good, and those are the photos that are selling it, then I’m not going to deal with it.


Exactly this. If I see one bad prototype, I look for the others. If I see other prototypes with similar issues, I do not touch that kit with a 10 foot pole. If someone like Silvia can’t make it look good, what am I going to do with it? Better question: Why would I want to try? Sit there and fight with a kit when I could have painted two in that amount of time that I didn’t have to fight with and probably have gotten better results.

On the other hand, I have been taken in by the prototypes and their creative photography only to hate the kit when I saw it. I rarely pre-order anymore and don’t usually buy at all unless I’ve seen blank parts.


Until recently I always bought kits based on prototype. I have found out that in real, most of thoses kits have flaws or are not detailed enough for me. So now I mostly went with the blank kit pictures when available or I really pay attention to the individual parts of the prototypes, like arm, ears, etc.

I can’t stand proportions errors. The face features aren’t really important to me, I need a realist sculpt, with some harmony.

Bad prototypes don’t affect my choice, it’s really the whole kit.

I may add that I purposefully buy kits that I dislike because of the price deal or I am bored and want challenge…


I’ve learned to pay close attention to the hands and feet. If the prototypes are beautiful but there are no good shots of the hands and feet I will pass. I wish a picture of the blank kit was included in every listing.


For me, I like looking at the unpainted kit and the prototypes. Sometimes, I end up loving a baby without even seeing any prototypes. A lot of times I end up not liking a kit simply because I don’t like the 3/4 limbs. Something I find to be a very important thing for me is how the toes and ears are sculpted…some of the them just don’t look real.

Proportions are another thing. I love the Juno kit but I don’t like the leg proportion to head. To me the legs look too big for the baby.

Like other people have said, if I see an unflattering prototype, that does usually ruin it for me.

What I like in a baby is an expression that shows a lot of personality. They seem to be the most fun to me. I also love chubby and curly legs. I know many people may disagree but I am not a fan of super chubby reborns like Joseph and June. Seems like a little too much chub imo but they are still cute.

Oh I also try to stay away from kits who have the peachy colored vinyl. I would like to avoid neuteralizing the vinyl :joy:


I love those chubbies too but darn they take forever to paint. I get sore arms from pouncing.


Yeah that’s why I’m afraid to even think about getting a Liam, Maddie is on the bigger side but Liam!? :flushed::joy:


I find it easier to see subtle differences in faces by looking at the blank sculpts. Same with cars. Show them to me in a line, all one color so I can see how they are different without being distracted by a pretty paint job.


Sometimes I don’t like the prototypes. It’s hard for me to get my own vision when I can’t see the blank kit. I look at sculpts in progress, too. Sometimes that’s when I fall in love with it. Saskia was like that for me. Usually, the ones I buy are the ones that the facial expression tugs at my heart. I also watch out for deep creases around the edges of the lips. You can’t change the shape so they all have the same expression. I’m not a fan of scrunchy face babies, because, while they’re cute, those are fleeting expressions and to me they look like they have a tummy ache. I have 3 Cassie Brace sculpts on pre-order. They all have unique faces.


Yours are better than some prototypes I’ve seen.


For me its the details. I like the realistic kits. Ive seen many that look to dolley. I do go by prototypes first for the general look, a bad prototype doesnt normally turn me off, I look at the blank vinyl although in the case of Harlow, complete turn off…even looking at other versions. Alot of times I’ll get a kit that I wasnt in love with and then fall in love.

What puts me off is

Mouth to open.
No details in vinyl
Closed hands

What I look for:

Lots of detail
Open hands in realistic poses




Agreed! Bout time @katieperry started doing prototypes :two_hearts:

The prototypes draw me in most of the time, causing me to fall in love with a kit, especially if it’s an Alexa Calvo or Bianca Franki ~ but then I have to be realistic, remember my skill set, and look at the kit to see if I can do anything with it that might be acceptable.

Some prototypes can put me off, though, so I have to look at the kit as a challenge…and whether or not I feel like spending time painting it.

My favorite sculpt is Precious Gift. :two_hearts: I know this is a surprise to many of you, since I only say this every chance I get :grin: but I love that scrunchy newborn face so, so much…same reason I loved Ramsey, Nina, and Azalea.

Most of the kits I paint, though, have calm, peaceful faces, and I love those, too.


Thank you Karen you are so sweet and the feeling is mutual :heart:


Awww, Katie, thank you :two_hearts: Prototypes would give me panic attacks, though :grin:


Me to!

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I like to see prototypes and other examples on google search mainly to see the different skin tones a kit has been done in. I do like to see the blank vinyl. I’ve bought kits that I didn’t really like because I love to buy kits. I have bought kits that I liked blank but then once they arrived I was like “What was I thinking?”
I mostly buy kits for my “keepers” if there is something endearing about them that tells me I would have a hard time selling. I think only twice have I had a kit that I didn’t really feel an attachment to when I started but then once I finished and sold I wished I hadn’t. Those were my Ethon Brace and Severine Faber.
I am mostly drawn to chubby cheeks and round faces. Faber, Marx, Stoete and Brown seem to be the most favorite of mine.
I don’t have too many deal breakers. I do notice eye sockets not set symmetrically. I dislike ugly toes and feet that are just fat rectangular shapes.