Impatient customers. Vent

Hi ladies.

I hope you don’t mind my having a bit of a vent. I have a customer who is making me want to scream. She ordered a doll months back for her daughters birthday. It was a rushed situation because she wanted it by a I made the doll. Shipped it and she loved it
Fast forward to about a month ago. She ordered a second custom. This time not being rushed because Its for her.
She wanted different limbs so I ordered them. She didn’t like them so I ordered a second set. Which means I have to paint a bit more to get the vinyl to match.
She emails constantly asking for pictures. So I sent them once I finally got the vinyl to match. She sees it and says. “Is the painting done now??”
I explained that no. No details were painted. She comes back with. "My husband was wondering why we don’t have her yet. Since we got the other doll faster. "
I reminded her that the other job was rushed. Coupled with having to wait for 2 sets of limbs. And having to match them. Ect
She always has some weird way of asking about the doll. "My husband was wondering. " "my daughter wants to know. "



Did you charge extra for the rush job? If not, maybe that’s something to consider.
She’s likely just excited, I know I would be.

I didn’t. Maybe I should have.

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It’s something to consider. A ‘normal’ business would also charge more if you want them to deliver quicker than they usually do.


I’m painting a baby for one of my assistant managers and when I’m actually able to work on the baby I send her pics. Although she is very eager to have the baby she doesn’t “harass” me as she understands how much work goes into them and that I work overnights…full time at a physically demanding job. I just wish people would understand what goes into making a realistic baby.


Ugh!!! I can sympathize with you as I have had this happen in the past
So SOOO annoying and hardly worth the trouble.
How about letting an artist do their work? I’m sure your meeting the time frame you gave her. If you weren’t then I could see she may ask a question or two but as long as you are within the time that you told her she needs to back off. It does nothing but cause the artist stress!

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That’s the thing. I have stayed within the time frame. I let her know every few days with updated pictures. But it’s constant messages. I can’t work if all I’m doing is answering her


Only answer once or twice a day. Be consistent with those times. Tell her in order to get your work done, you will only be able to check messages around those times every day.

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I tried that. I took Monday off to spend with my hubby and I told her beforehand. She emailed me 12 times. Including from a second etsy account because she suddenly couldn’t access the first one. Haha

She’s nuts. Maybe let her go as a customer after this custom? She’s being a bit of a pain in the you know what.


Let her email you as much as she wants. But don’t respond til a certain time. It’s kinda like that stray cat issue…where the lady can’t find out why the stray cats keep coming to her door. Then someone points out that it’s because she’s feeding them. Stop feeding that stray cat and she will get off your front porch. :wink::cat2:


Sorry you have to deal with that! It’s so frustrating! Hope she leaves you alone while you are finishing.

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Yeah, she is being a pest…seems very obsessive, especially if they aren’t legit concerns.

I guess if i was an artist in the situation, I’d refer her to my store policies and times (which you probably did and she doesn’t care). Tell her that these dolls take hours and hours to make, root, detail and you have other customers (even if you do not have many, I’d just tell her that), who you are also alternating with.

Maybe provide her with update pictures (like 5 or so). I know when I get too excited and impatient, instead of bugging the artist, I’d just look at my update pictures.

Heck, you can tell her if you want to try to get rid of her that there is an extra service fee for expediting the doll making process and see if she’d pay it. But yes, you got a life too, you aren’t sitting making dolls 24/7.

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I got too excited about my first. I wonder if that’s why his rooting isn’t great. In my defense I didn’t start asking until AFTER the date he was supposed to be done and only got one set of pictures before he was sent. All that to say she’s probably excited but I’m SURE it’s a bit exasperating. I agree with the suggestion to charge a bit extra for rush jobs.
Good luck!!

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