I'm worried

I’m worried about my forum friends who are going to the Kansas City doll show. Kansas City has a very low rate of Covid vaccinated residents and a high rate of new daily cases. Please be careful.


There’s a show in KC too? I know the Wichita show is next weekend.

Is it in Wichita? I thought people on the forum were talking about Kansas City. What do I know? I’m in California. Anyway, Kansas has a low vaccination rate and I really don’t want anybody to get sick.


Yes it’s in Wichita.


Our son had 3 friends get COVID at about the same time. Like 1 or 2 days apart. 2 had been vaccinated. The 2 vaccinated had been on a cruise. The other had not, and he was sick first… so maybe he started that chain of events. I know they say the shots make it less harsh, but the one guy has for sure been really sick… He was vaccinated. Our son was with these guys the night before the first one had to call an ambulance to go the hospital. Thankfully he has not become ill so far. I am not a no-vaxxer, I am just stating that there are all kinds of scenarios. One of our hospitals here put up on their billboard how many Covid patients they have and how many are vaccinated. The number of vaccinated is always WAYYYY low. So, I do think the vaccine has it’s place. Now, if anyone here is a no-vaxxer, I do not intend to offend anyone. I just think it is interesting.

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I’m going, I will have my mask on, face shield n gloves. I appreciate you being concerned for us.

I’m vaccinated, but I’m nearly 100% sure I’d still be hospitalized from covid, and my doctor thinks so too (which wasn’t reassuring to hear. :sweat_smile:) I’m high risk for a complicated course. I wasn’t worried too much before, but my nephews gave me their rsv, and my lungs have taken a beating and have yet to recover. The vaccine doesn’t work quite as well for people with any kind of weaker immune system. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. And it also isn’t as effective against this new varient.

Did y’all know they had a vaccine nearly ready to go for coronaviruses in 2016? They’d been working on them for YEARS for SARS and then MERS but pharmaceutical companies didn’t think they’d make much profit on a seldom used vaccine (MERS doesn’t transmit from human to human easily, SARS mostly burned itself out) so they weren’t willing to take on the cost of mass production or clinical trials. It’s crazy to think that had that been pushed through, this pandemic wouldn’t have been so bad. Probably wouldn’t have left Wuhan. And if it had, we’d have had a vaccine that would have been around longer, causing less hesitancy over it. But it’s useless to sit and ponder on all that, it’s kind of infuriating knowing scientists knew another SARS like corona virus was likely to happen but money came first so they couldn’t do anything to prevent it/soften the blow.


Unfortunately, you are correct. It is the big bucks that matter to them most. I did know they had worked on vaccines for the corona type viruses in the past. I think that is one reason they were able to get one out so soon this time. But, as you say, being new, no one really wanted to be the guinea pig. In reality, parts of it had been around a long time. :slight_smile: We live in a crazy world. :slight_smile:


I had covid when all this started. Its miserable. I have never in my life been so tired. I slept for 23 hours a day and the minute I got up I 2wanted to go back to bed. I also had no sense of taste. Which was odd because I had no nasal congestion. I was putting whole hot peppers in chili just to see if I could taste it.


Thankfully I wasn’t hospitalized. But I was coughing up blood before it got better. It felt like someone had taken steel wool to the inside of my lungs when I coughed.

Please stay safe. :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I would not go if i were them no risc my health for that !
I still don’t go anywere only to work and do some crosery and back home
Even i had one vaccin because i have had covid already i oke with one Astrazenica
People here also don’t pay attention anymore and it gets my angry because we have already
people sick in other location a work for