I'm still having trouble with pricing my babies

Still having trouble coming up with a price point for my babies

Add up the : kit, body, weighting stuff,( eyes), mohair, pacifier, clothing, blanket, diapers,accessories ,shipping to resisve the baby , electricity, currency exchange if you bought something form a different country , paints and other supplies ( brake down this expenses ) and go from there .
How much you invested in money in this baby… And if you have this figure then add your time or the interest …( live $20-25 for negotiation too)

Good luck

Thanks so much, I’ve already given 2 away and sold 2 for $50.00 because I felt bad for the ones wanting them. Sometimes I think I’m a little too nice😊, but I’ve made about 36 babies, and have 4 more kits to do. And my husband says I’ve got to sell them. I’ll try and post a few pics if I can get them to down load.

Your husand is right; you can’t keep giving them away. You at least need to cover your expenses or, eventually, you won’t be able to afford to reborn anymore. Look around at what others are charging and be bold! You’ve made quite a bit of babies and I’m sure you are making quality babies…so charge accordingly. :smile:

Thanks, I’ll have to sit down and figure all I have spent😁 I know it’s alot

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<img asrc="/uploads/db4141/3198/08442b00a3d944c4.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”>

First photo is my favorite. Is the Sheila Michael’s Sandy?

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You definitely need to sell some babies. I cleared out my nursery (except for 2 with painted hair that I need to reweight and slim the bodies). Sold my Melody Tuzio Ross for $230.00 - broke my heart, but I started her at $99 and took my chances. You might want to try that tactic and see what happens.

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She is Phyllis by Elisa Marx

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Thanks, I’m going to try to sale them , even though it’s hard, :disappointed:but I need to, they are over taking my bedroom.

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Just realize that you may have to list them more than once and that doesn’t mean you didn’t do a good job. It just means that there are a lot of dolls out there. I always start at the lowest I would take for a doll (never understood why someone would have a reserve price). And be honest with yourself about what other dolls in that bracket are selling for. No sense in overpricing if someone else is offering the same sculpt with the same type of extras for half of what you are asking. It isn’t easy to sell for cost but that is all you may get at first.

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Thanks for the help😊