I'm constantly looking for... What about you?

$250 was a great price! Her kit normally goes for 400-500. Someone got a great deal.

Not sure if this lady still has these or if they are in a price range you need but I seen it and thought I would share with y’all. @grannyx3 she has penelope

and for @floridahgul she had two of Serenity.

Thank you @AmandasBabies, will look into it, sent a group join request

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There is so many of them,youve done so much already but do you know which one it is? And thank you very much.

Elyse Brace and Penelope Toner! Had an Elyse Brace in my cart from McPhearsons a while back and I couldn’t get the money transferred to my credit card quick enough! Lost her!

This is the lady who posted them Redirecting...

I want to thank you for putting so much effort into helping me find her. It means more than you will ever know. Thank you

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Your very welcome. :slight_smile:

If she does not get back with you I found a lady who does have one she seen me comment on the post and sent me a pm saying she had a penelope for sell. This is her fb she is online right now talking to me it’s same price as the other. Redirecting... Just tell her I gave her name to you.

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Thank you! thank you!

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No no, that’s GBP. About $320 USD

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I did not even notice that, but still $320 is cheaper then she normally goes for. The last one I seen for sell was $500 plus shipping.

Yea, that’s outrageous!


@AmandasBabies Here’s an Angel Auer… Not to bad of a price, but it’s a 7 day auction… I would email the person with the account and ask if they have a Buy It Now price in mind. It doesn’t hurt to ask. :slight_smile:

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I would never put myself through stripping a kit and redoing it just to sell it. I’m not a collector so I wouldn’t keep her so I’ve just given up on finding one.

Stina. Don’t think she was popular but I wAnt her. Also Tasha schenk
. Both are easy to find. I just don’t want more than 5 kits at a time or I get overwhelmed . And Ellis and esmae. I have Greta Joseph Mathis Caleb premie and getting Asher asleep for bday. Off topic but my sis law wants an avatar babe for Christmas. That’ll be exciting