I'm constantly looking for... What about you?

I’m constantly in search of Knox by Laura Lee Eagles – but one that’s under the ridiculous $300 price that people seem to be asking for the blank kit. Also Sharlamae & Saorise Brown, but both of those are super expensive too! I check on eBay, FB groups, and DollFan like every day at least once.
I’m so pathetic I have a Pinterest board full of kits that I want to add to my kit hoard in the future, ha.

Who are you constantly looking for? May be one kit, may be more.
I hope I’m not the only one out here that does this.


Maize by Adrea Arcello. Long sold out, but i love her smile.

By Silvia creations


Grayson by Bonnie Brown, Angel by Olga Auer, Everleigh by L.L.E and a full size Wee Yawns by Martia Winters. Just to name a few. My list was much longer but I have found several.

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Penelope by alicia toner.:blush: I dont have a clue where to look anymore

She is one that I had on my want list. I have found her now though.

Got any ideas where i can look?

@JillianJade Had one for sell a month or two ago. Maybe she still has her? If not vinyl reborn doll kits for sale on facebook is a great places to look.

Serenity by LLE, for a decent price

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Thank you,ill go look


Chloe Blick.


@4everbabies there’s a Maizie on eBay right now…Kinda expensive if you ask me!

@AmandasBabies @grannyx3 @floridahgul @Blissfulbabies @4everbabies Have you thought about maybe buying a painted kit (that would be less than the kit is selling for) and stripping it? I’ve seen a few inexpensive Knox completed babies that I thought about buying and stripping the paint off of, but I normally think too long and it ends up selling before I even get a chance.


For me thats not a possibility.there is no way for me financialy to do that.i buy and make only what im going to keep.of the ones i saw they were going for up to $400-$500. Wouldnt make sense for me. I thank you though.its just not meant to be for me.

Yeah, that’s true! I wish you luck!

Shes sold, thank you though.

I have given up. But thank you.

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Never give up!!! No! Never never never!!
Would you believe me if I told you I got a very expensive silicone doll kit for an EXTREMELY reasonable price? Well I did! How did I do that? I waited a LOONNG time! I didn’t give up. I set up a notification for the searches and checked EVERY DAY. Don’t you ever give up!!


Awww,thank you for that,i have just been feeling down,l feel like im not good enough for my"dream kit" you know,? I never do swaps because im afraid it wont be good enough,and theirs will put mine to shame. Im sorry dont mean to be a downer. Just wanted to let you know that sometimes the smallest things said may not seem alot to the one saying it but to the one hearing it it comes at just the right time. Just like yours did now.thank you so very much.i WONT give up.:blush:(cuz you said so):two_hearts:


I saw one on ebay misspelled Knocs…

I wanted Lincoln for a very long time and I found one last summer. I would love to find Saorise but I hesitate every time I find one because of the price.

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