I'm back! going to start new project too! (also pic) and a question!

I’ve been away for a bit as my health has been declining, but I just ordered some babies that I’m going to reborn and sell(my first ones I’m selling!)
I ordered 2 of the Maisie kits plus a extra set of arms, I’m going to make a set of newborn twins!
I’ve also managed to be a huge spoon and only ordered one body and only one set of magnets(math is really not my strong point…)

I am wondering if there’s a tutorial out there anywhere that’s about opening eyes(open ever so slightly is all I want to do)?

And here are my 3 babies(not a great picture I know, lulu is weirdly shiny), I haven’t finished rooting Holly’s head and Holly and Lulu both need eyelashes and their eyes secured in place.

With the twins I’m only going to be doing the smallest amount of rooting possible(like eyebrows and maybe a few head hairs), I physically just cannot do much rooting anymore, which means I don’t think I can finish Holly’s head which is a bit of a problem :sweat:


Bump since the forum is back up and I’m hoping someone can help with my question :slight_smile:


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I can’t root but I can paint hair!

I don’t do paint, I’ve never really liked the look of painted hair myself, though I know some people prefer it.

nobody knows were to find a tutorial on opening eyes a tiny bit?

@mskitty @honojane @AmyR777 I know some forum members opened eyes for the Celeste challenge

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My best tip is to be sure the blade is angled up when you cut the upper lid…(toward the top of the head) and down when you cut the lower lid, but just slightly. Otherwise the cut edge becomes too exposed. Also, you may have to remove some vinyl where the eye has to sit to get them to fit in nice and tight. This is delicate work. Really take your time. I ruined my first Celeste trying to do this if I remember right. It’s really easy to cut too wide or cut too much. I’m not trying to scare you away from doing this. It’s not that hard, but you do have to go “slow and easy”.